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Macramé wall hangings made to measure. Add some warmth, happiness and color to your home.

Think of your own, unique wall hanging and I will create it for you.
Each one of a kind piece is thoughtfully crafted by hand.
I'm very happy to bring some samples and we'll scroll through pictures of previous pieces, however I strive for a strong emphasis on unique designs, which means that no two pieces are exactly alike.
I already made custom pieces for private and corporate clients.

How does it work?
We will sit together and take the time to discuss the material, structures and colors. You can choose your own dimensions, knots and cord colors. You can choose from cotton cord in various colors from natural beige to up to more then 10 colors. Choose cord thickness and finishing. Also linen cord or metallic available.
Once size, structure and finishing is set, I will make a design sketch and provide you with a tailor-made price offer.
Pricing starting at €85 for a medium sized wall hanging 50cm x 50cm.
Please allow for some production time, approx. time needed between 2 and 6 weeks according to the size and level of difficulty.
Cord supplies are sourced in Europe.
Shipping cost by quote.

If interested in commissioning an original artwork by Jemamuse, please email [email protected]