Weaving instructions - PDF version


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Learn the fundamentals of creating your own unique wallhanging.

Weaving is an exciting & yet mindful way to slow down and work with your hands to create a beautiful piece of tapestry or ... just sit with friends and craft together :-)

In this instruction book we'll show you the basic techniques of weaving, rya knotting and tassel making to complete a small weaving.

Easy step-by-step explanation through every step of the frame loom weaving process.
1 step per page, big pictures.
Beginners level, no experience required.
105 pages
language: English

You can preview some of the pages here.

Digital version:
You will receive a link to download your PDF.
You can choose to print it, but keep in mind that pictures can reduce in quality.

Please note that a lot of time and effort is spent on making this book, please do not copy or replicate any of the content. Thank you.